Shipping Policy

​We estimate that it will take up to 7-14 business days (depending on your location) for your package to arrive. 

Tenor Jewelry is not responsible for any mishandling or misplacements of your package while shipping. Once your order has left our location, we assume no responsibility for any damages to your package. For damaged package complaints, please contact Canada Post or your local customs/delivery office. 

Return & Exchange Policy

We accept exchanges only for items purchased within the last 14 days. We do not accept returns/refunds.

If your silver jewelry has tarnished within 60 days of purchase, we offer free repair and cleaning services. 

60-day Warranty

We offer free repairs/cleaning services for silver jewelry purchased within the last 60 days. In the event that we cannot clean your jewelry, we will offer a free replacement. 

** free replacements are for SILVER jewelry only and is subject to product availability. This DOES NOT include plated earrings, rose gold jewelry, or string jewelry. These items are NOT guaranteed under our 60-day warranty.

For items protected under the 60-day warranty, please contact us and provide a picture of the jewelry. We will assess whether or not your item is eligible for a free replacement or repair.

If you are unsure whether or not your jewelry is protected under our 60-day warranty, feel free to contact us! We will be happy to assist you. Even if you are not eligible for a free replacement, we may be able to give you a discount code for your next purchase.

Each customer is entitled to ONLY ONE free replacement in the case that the jewelry is tarnished during the 60-day period.