Why We Use Pure Silver

You may have heard that 999 Silver is way too soft to be used in jewelry. I'm sorry to tell you, but that's wrong.

We use 99.9% pure silver in all of our bangles. Why?

1. It allows our pieces to be adjustable.

Adjustable bangles are a God-send. As a person who suffers from "humiliatingly-small-hand-to-wrist-ratio" syndrome, adjustable bangles are my best friend. I no longer look like I'm carrying medium-sized hula hoops on my wrists.

Big hands but small wrist? WHA-BAM. Adjustable bangles.

Bangle got stuck?? WHA-BAM. Adjustable bangles.

Don't know your/someone's wrist size??? WHA-BAM. Adjustable bangles. (Get my point?)

Note: not all of our jewelry is made from 99.9% pure silver.

2. Pure silver is resistant to tarnishing.

99.9% Pure silver does not tarnish because it does not contain copper or any other metals, unlike in 92.5% sterling silver. The foreign metals in sterling silver cause it to tarnish more easily.

Have no fear, pure silver is here.

3. Pure silver is hypoallergenic.

Because of the lack of alloy metals, pure silver will not cause allergic reactions. If you have ever experienced your skin turning green, chances are the jewelry you were wearing was sterling silver, plated, or just some metal that was a silver colour.

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